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Where are these perfumes manufactured?
They are currently being manufactured in France.
Do these perfumes compare with the best in the world in terms of quality?
These perfumes have been the result of painstaking research done for the last 2 years. As a matter of fact the fragrances chosen, are the result of studying some of the world's best brands if not better.
Are these eau de toilette or are these Eau De Parfum?
Bottlen Perfume are all Eau De Parfum which means it has a larger perfume concentrate as compared to an Eau De Toilette which has just 8% concentrate.
Does the fragrance emanating from these brands, last longer than expected, at least in comparison to the other perfumes that you buy from the market?
Most certainly. When you start using them, only then would you realise the huge difference.
Why is the Bottlen Perfume bottle classical in shape?
To essentially give a timeless feel to a product which is perceived as graceful, emanating a luxury yet slightly conservative appeal.
Would Bottlen Perfume introduce new perfumes?
With time a lot of things change, including customer's tastes & preferences. So we plan to be up to date with those evolved tastes. We plan to introduce a host of new perfumes from time to time.
Where can we find Bottlen Perfume to purchase?
Bottlen Perfume would be initially found at all Pantaloons stores across the country in a phased & staggered manner, Amazon.com, all Mom & Pop stores, including gift stores, cosmetics stores & lifestyle shops.
Do these perfumes evaporate with time?
No because Bottlen Perfume have been acclimatised to tropical weather conditions.
What are the different occasions when Bottlen Perfume could be worn?
Bottlen Perfume could be worn at different times of the day, in parties & weddings, during festive occasions, to office or for that matter even for leisure travel.
Could Bottlen Perfume be a great gifting option?
Absolutely. Because its truly value for money and has ten brands from which you could choose to gift it for any purpose, be it official, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays,Valentine Day or simply for the person you love.
Why different people like different perfumes?
When applying any fragrance there are several factors which can affect the smell of fragrance: The smell of your skin and in turn, the way a scent smells on you. For instance your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you like to wear. Similarly factors such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied.
Is there any process to be followed when you wish to smell more than one perfume at a time?
Coffee beans must be smelt after you smell one perfume to distinguish it from the smell of the succeeding perfume.
Does some Bottlen Perfume leave stains or oils?
Yes,it may be either imported top brand or Bottlen Perfume. But stains or oil will evaporate in some time because some perfume compositions have natural colors or oil that is of fragrance. Equivalent imported top brand will have same properties.
Is there a way of making your perfume last longer?
Application of any body lotion on your skin and then applying your perfume, makes it last longer.
Is it a good idea to wear Bottlen Perfume on your dress?
Undoubtedly, the perfume turns warmer and smells better when it is sprayed directly on the skin. This expresses the fragrance in a highly personalized manner. The same effect is not achieved when it is applied on clothes.
Why does a perfume smell different on different people?
It is natural for a fragrance to smell different on different people. A perfume chemically reacts in a distinct way to each individual. Even the diet of a person and the texture of his/her skin can influence the impact of a fragrance on the personality. Although the larger essence remains same, notes may be sharpened or blurred on different people, to varying degrees. In order to ensure you like the way the perfume smells on you, the best safeguard is to test it on your hand before purchasing it.
Can dieting decide the amount of perfume I need to wear?
Yes. If you are on a low fat diet, oil levels are likely to be lower. Hence the fragrance might not last long, not as long as it normally would.
How does this new Bottlen Perfume perfume catch my fancy?
There is no easy way out here. Abundant choices exist and the decision to choose a perfume is often driven by emotion instead of logic. Most people prefer one or two from a range of fragrance families. Like all good things, it takes a little time and effort to find the right perfume. Understanding the subtle differences between different fragrance families is a good way of learning how to pick what suits your personality.
Can I remove a fragrance from apparel?
Yes, it is possible. Air them out in the shade. Turns out to be just as good as new.
What if Bottlen Perfume fragrances appear lost on you?
If you have tried a particular fragrance a lot, you are likely to lose your sense of smell to it. In that case the best option is to ask someone who is not used to your fragrance to assess if he can detect it on you.
How safe are Bottlen Perfume?
Bottlen Perfume fragrances have been dermatologically tested. These are formulated to be skin-friendly. You need not worry about wearing the perfume. Go ahead, wear it daily.
What steps should be taken to ensure proper care of my Bottlen Perfume perfume bottle?
Do not expose the perfume bottle to heat and humidity. Store the bottle away from direct sunlight.
How long does an unopened bottle of Bottlen Perfume last?
An unopened bottle of Bottlen Perfume stays good for 30 to 36 months.
How much Bottlen Perfume is good enough to wear on your sleeve?
Your guess is as good as mine. Experience is believing!.